Olive oil, right from its discovery, has become the symbol of youth, wisdom and strength. While Homer defines the olive oil as “golden liquid”, it was believed that even one drop of olive oil might revive the saints under the earth and the players, during Olympic Games dabbed their bodies with olive oil in order to be protected and blessed when they won. Olive oil was also found at the sepulcher of Tutankhamen, the famous Egyptian pharaoh. The fact is whole Mediterranean culture is like bundled up with the roots of olive tree and meshed with olive oil. Olive tree, which is used comprehensively in nutrition, pharmacy and cosmetic portions, has become the symbol of  wisdom and victory; and the olive branch as peace and the olive oil as purity and simplicity.
And we;
present our olives, which we diligently grow in our land at Manisa, Salihli, Bintepeler location under hard conditions, in special packages after the processing or degreasing.
As Jupiter AŞ, incorporated by Emel Önal Özkaya and her children on 21.02.2007, we present the purity and freshness that we obtained from olive oil under the brands OrgOlive(organic olive and olive oil) and OnOlive (natural extra-virgin olive oil) to your satisfaction with this important and correct step in terms of Organic Agriculture and with the “Most Pure and Fresh Manner of Olive”.


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